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Hawaii Five-O Episode #10 Heihei (Race)

Five-O stumbled upon a mysterious robbery of an armored car, only the vehicle was dumped at the nearby pier with the only witness in ICU fighting for his life after narrowly surviving a bullet to the head.

The team followed leads that led them to a closed chiropractor clinic. Fingerprints were lifted off from the discharged blood packs belonging to a local offender. They squeezed him for a information and the thug remembered the name Sabrina who happened to live in the same upscale community where Danno's (McGarrett's partner) ex-wife is the next door neighbor.

Kono (Grace Park) also found evidence of similar robberies employing the same MO where a team of four had struck  four jewelry stores across US before landing in Honolulu. All in the ruse of participating the annual triathlon meet.  With only minutes behind the thieves, the 5-0 cracked the robbers before they made a clean getaway by 're-joining' the triathlon bike race.

The episode had fair amount of action and well, who can't ignore another shirtless moment of AOL? Hahha. Anyway, dialogue was filled with witty one liners especially when the team were at the chiropractor's office.

McGarrett found bags of blood bags and Danno went into vampire jokes. I wasn't able to remember the lines but I wonder if it was the writer's way of dropping jokes for AOL, seeing that he starred in Moonlight.

For more Hawaii Five-O goodness check out CBS' Hawaii Five-O online.

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Belated Happy New Year!

As my friend jazzontherocks said "May 2011 bring you a whole new wave of opportunities! The key is to keep on taking chances." 

And seek out new horizons!

After a hectic holiday week that progressed into the first week of January, it's back to work for me. I'm still considering article writing as another homebase opportunity.  I sort of like a type where one doesn't need to submit ten articles in a week but most I've browsed so far have that as one of their requirements.

I'm also drafting out spec script (s). Ideas continue in a spiral race leaving me no cohesive framework to use or my mind is just scattered. Haha. Most days, I'm tugging at the ideas and try pinning them to a virtual wall so they could at least stay put long enough for me to draw a sensible storyline. Hehehe. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Two months ago, I've turned back to fanfiction after stumbling a nicely done story called Cold Water by Ginger Ninja. It was about an alien water with healing properties but it also contained mutagens dangerous to human and carbon-based lifeforms alike. The author used characters from the latest Star Trek movie by JJ Abrams reboot universe.  I also enjoyed her other story called "Plant Life." As the title suggested, it was about an intelligent plant life that misunderstood the action of a StarFleet research vessel.  Kirk and his crew will have to solve the mystery and stop Section 31.

After reading them, I was bitten by a plot bunny. So far, I've written two chapters for my own story. It doesn't have a title yet.  It revolves around an uncharted planet, a malevolent alien, and an elusive alien race. Lolz. Seems like a tall order to make it fly.

Why do I feel rusty?

Star Trek (2009) Re-boot

I was checking imdb if Star Trek (2009) will have a sequel and lo, there is. Untitled Star Trek Sequel (2012)
I went browsing to some topics from the message boards and came across a thread, "Do you know the plot of the Untitled Star Trek Sequel," and dropped my two cents in the contributor link, which has now been deleted. I wonder.

Here's my plot contribution. Pure guess work:

The Enterprise crew detects an alien subspace transmission from a distant sector of space. Together with a mission-wearied Starfleet Intelligence agent, they must save Starfleet Command from within.

                                                       ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

I didn't mind the wait and watched the movie on cable. *grins*  I'm familiar with the main crew members due to my exposure with the other Star Trek series, The Next Generation, (TNG) so I wasn't too lost.

The technobabble was moderate which was good. The Enterprise bridge area appeared refurbished but maintained the classic set feel from the '60s. The crew uniforms were re-interpreted giving a cleaner look except the skirt worn by the female crew complement.

I saw the '60s uniform and the 2009 version, while the designs was very good respective of their time period, it still put me off. I guess if you're from the Sciences or other departments and not in some command position, then wearing the skirt will be fine.

I still can't imagine going on away missions on an alien planet and suddenly you had to run from enemy fire. No matter how even-footed a person can be, if you fall flat on your face, well... you get the picture. 

Read more...Collapse )

Gardening 101

It's mostly made up of pots really, more manageable for the time being. My friend sent over bulbs and cuttings from her garden last Friday. After our short exchange of news since she was also on her way to pick up her kids, I set about transplanting the numerous cuttings and the flower bulbs she left for me. *happy dance*

I used up all the pots. Hahha. It was fun! I can't wait for plants to shake off the trauma of being transplanted. It's Day four for the plants. I wish I could post pictures.I haven't bought a replacement camera just yet.

The pink lily  was the first one to recover from the move and showed off her flowers today. The others (I don't know their names yet) weren't fazed either except for Thyme and Rosemary. Both still needing the time in the ICU. The euphorbias and Santan cuttings were both fine. The yellow and green leaves plants (forgot their names) finally didn't look as if they were squished. *grinz* Today, they're starting to stand a little straighter. Yay!

I just like coming down and visiting them early in the morning then during my breaks for the day. If you're feeling stressed, try gardening. It's soothing for the nerves.


A remembrance

My friend posted a remembrance site for Steven Gately of Boyzone. I submitted a photo of his showcase at Hard
Rock Cafe last 2000 from his "New Beginning" album tour.   I can't believe it will be one year ago, tomorrow.

I had to try twice because the site said the file was too big. My third try was a success but it was under moderation from the site's owners. I hope it'll get through.

It was an enjoyable night hanging out with friends and fellow fans that we met there. I remember that after the tour, a local channel showed brief clips of the performance. You have to be an eagle-eyed individual because I saw the back of my hair and just like Hermione said (after going back in time with Harry and Ron), "so that's what my hair looks like from the back" recalled that I said the same thing. Lolz.

It was fortunate that the TV camera was set at the center of the stage and we took the table that was right smack at the center. I wish we could have waved back to the TV camera. hahaha.

Then there was Ronan Keating's tour.... a friend texted me that I was caught on camera! Lolz. Too bad we don't have channel in our cable listings.

Going back to Photoshop...

It's back to Grade One step. I've just finished following a tutorial on Layers. This was my fourth practice.

I forgot all the tricks I've learned a couple years back. I don't know how to make this again. Lolz I don't this is the final picture for this scene. Oh, well, lunch is calling. ☺

Last renovations at Inglenook Cafe...

Cafe World in Facebook ended when my browser crashed. The game unfortunately was heavy in the graphics which is puzzling since I have ample of memory space. I decided to let this game go. But before I do, I'll post some last renovation my cafe went through for the many months I played the game.

Those RenovationsCollapse ) Here's the glass tops and Aegean chairs. A singer getting ready for her performance.

The Statues, the bamboo plants and the funny furniture that a player gets as give-away from the game.
Seeing Wes Ramsey for an episode of Heroes awakened my Charmed Paladins story again. I’ve written some snap shots for a scene last week and this week for “The Brotherhood is Rising.” 

I’ve also been re-reading my “past” episodes because I was starting to forget the sub-story lines that I’ve introduced. I'd like to see those story lines to move along through the last “episode” I’m writing. It’s funny though, I feel this excitement and I just wish I can explore these ideas as quickly as possible and write fast!

Now, would it be cool to write with ease… and fast with no problems of ironing out the kinks of each character? For that, the answer I think, I should have the handy Character History at hand.


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