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***A Survey To Please (65 Questions of Pure INSANITY)***

Be Honest Please....
Would you ever throw a water balloon at your last girlfriend/boyfriend?: Yeah, he has some joker bone in him.
Do you believe in magic?: I think so.
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?: Morning, Lunch and Dinner - oh that's three.
Do you love cupcakes with sprinkles?: Yes.
Do you look good right now?: Lolz. Flatter the girl.
How do you feel about abortion?: Hmm, if medically, to help the mother.
Is Obama going to be a good president?: *cross fingers*
Do you feel any different now than you did in 2008?: Still the same.
Would you kiss a toad for ten bucks?: Nah.
What's your favorite tv show?: Tough. Stargate: Atlantis
Are you in love right now?: I wish.
Would you say you're imaginative or creative?: A little of both.
Do you like to win everything you participate in?: I'm there for the fun.
Do you like iced tea?: Yes.
Would you ever hug a clown?: Not really.
If you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?: Human Torch, because of the ability of flight.
Where's your remote right now?: In the living room.
What brand is your camera?: Olympus.
Do you think babies are cute?: Of course.
Do you like to like to play with matches?: No.
Are your fingernails painted?: Not today.
Would you ever dye your hair pink for 500 bucks?: Sure. *Calculate the Forex*
What's annoying you right now?: Time management, because I'm not doing what I'm supposed to do.
What kind of car do you have? (or your parents):: We sold our car.
Have you ever forged a signature?: No.
Would you ever start smoking cigarettes?: Got asthma.
How old is your best friend?: Same as me.
Would you ever wrangle a snake?: No.
Ever licked someone's foot?: Eck.
How do you feel about broccoli?: Love the vegetable.
Favorite salad dressing?: Ranch
Would you drink McDonald's leftover grease for 1,000 bucks?: Gross.
If you could be anything, what would you be?: Hmmmm....
Yahoo! or Hotmail?: Yahoo
Do you chew your straws?: I used to when I was a kid.
Have you ever picked a hair out of your food and just kept eating it?: I picked the hair and try not to think so much of it. Lolz.
How do you describe your singing voice?: Ah, I'm a bit tone-deaf. *sadly*
If you were offered one million dollars to jump off a bridge, would you?: No way.
What color is your cell phone?: Silver.
Do you have a flip phone?: Don't like flip phones.
Would you suck a hobo's toe if someone offered you a year's supply of food?: NOT.
Do you bite your fingernails?: No.
So, what time is it anyways?: 8.25p.m.
Have you ever flown anywhere on a plane?: Yes.
Do you dye your hair often?: Yeah.
Do you have a desk computer or a laptop?: Desk computer.
Would you kiss a smoker?: No.
What size shoe do you wear?: 7 1/2
Do you consider yourself fat?: No.
Could you go a day without checking yourself out in a mirror?: Yes.
Can you play the guitar?: No.
Are you single or no?: Why would you want to know?
Why are you taking this survey anyways?: Just something to do before I start reading my module.
Would you wear stilettos to the mall?: No.
Would you trust your boyfriend/girlfriend with 100 bucks of yours?: Yes.
Do you like watching National Geographic?: Yes.
Have you ever felt completely worthless?: There was that moment.... *cue drama sounds*
If it were to rain right now, would you go and play in it?: Chilly.
Do you like to be alone?: I'm fine.
Would you drink milk straight from a cow's teet for 75 bucks?: No.
Ever been totally mad for nothing?: No.
Are you particularly emotional?: I'm pretty detached but there's a limit.
What kind of deodorant do you have?: Nivea.

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